Karppillikavu Sri Mahadeva Temple
Karppillikkavu Mahadeva
Kshetra seva samithy
Reg.No. ER. 402/91, Manjapra 683581
Tel.: 0484 2690190, 2692488
Auspicious days

All the pradhosha are very important days to the temple.Thiruvathira day in Dhanu, Vidhyarambam, Mandala days and Thiruvathira Nakshthram in Makara month is the Aarattu day after 8 days festival. The festival days are very important days in which Siva remains very joyful and to do dharshan at that time and kanickka offering before his lotus feet is very good for Abhishtasidhi and Aiswaryasidhi.Further more the Vishu day,Uthram Nakshathram in Medom month which is the Prathishta day of the temple.Niraputhari and Ramayana masacharanam are the other important occasions and days.The Festival of the Temple conducted in a very grand style with the co-operation and assistance of Hindus, Christians and Muslims. The specialty of this festival is that all persons whether belonging to Hindu religion or other considers it as a local festival of all concerns. The festival prolongs to 8 days and religious celebrations are carried out in the strict thanthric ways but for enjoyment and assembly of all concerns cultural and other programmes which fits with the Achara of the temple is also conducted in the temple. On the 7’th day of festival idol is brought out from the temple and accompanied by seven eminent elephants of Kerala and well known artist for Panchavadhyam and Chendamelom procession is conducted through the Manjapra town and later possession ends at the temple and idol will be take in. On 6’th of the festival day Utsavabali is conducted in the temple in a majestic manner accompanied by Vadhyamelom, Marappani, Nadaswaram and other temple instrumental Equipments.Sreeboothabali has got very much importance just because it is the pooja feast provided for Bhoothagana that is soldiers of Siva along with the feast to Bhoothagana Annadhanam is also provided to all the local assembly.
At time of Utsavabali there will be Kanickka samarppanam that is offering devotees in large to the lord to meet expenses of Utsavabali, Utsav as well as celebrations.

Karppillikkavu Pooram

is celebrated in association with the annual festival of Karppillikkavu Shri Mahadeva Temple. The temple is one among the 108 eminent Shiva kshetras in India, located at Manjapra village in Ernakulam District. The presiding deity is Lord Shiva. The festival is held during the Malayalam month of Makara (January-February) for eight days.
It is believed that these festival days are very important days in which Shiva is in a pleasant mood and grants all that the devotees ask for. The religious celebrations are carried out in strict tantric ways. There are also various cultural programs and other art forms arranged in association with the festival.
Utsavabali is conducted in the temple in a majestic manner on the sixth day. There is a special ritual called Sreebhootabali which is the puja feast provided for the Bhootagana who are the soldiers of Shiva. All devotees assembled are served food.
On the seventh day of the festival, the idol is brought out from the temple, accompanied by seven eminent caparisoned elephants. To add to the beauty of the procession through the Manjapra town, Panchavadyam and Chendamelam are conducted by well known artists. The procession ends at the temple when the idol is taken inside the temple.



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