Karppillikavu Sri Mahadeva Temple
Karppillikkavu Mahadeva
Kshetra seva samithy
Reg.No. ER. 402/91, Manjapra 683581
Tel.: 0484 2690190, 2692488
Administrative Setup

As a part of social reforms the kerala government introduced land Reforms Act. As a result of the said enactment the temple income comes down to roughly 6% of the total income. The ownership oh the lands of the temple having in Manjapra and surrounding area coming in total 1000 acres where all got transferred to tenants. Te fall in income created complete dislocation in the daily routine of the temple. The trustee was unable to carry on the affairs of the temple and so handover the temple management to K.U.D.B.They too crypts in the 6% income ,cutting all routines ,poojas sevas and festivals celebrations etc…Later the local public after feeling that all of them are irrespective oh the religion they belong is facing reverses after reverses and so they assembled together and decided to conduct an Astamangala Prasna.The findings of the Astrologer was that the reverse in the locality is due to lack of sannidhaya of Siva and suggested to improve the temple and if otherwise the astrologer also told that more reverses even the questioning of the existence of public may arise, hence a samithy was constituted belonged to Hindu religion for the purpose of improving the temple ,reconstructing and repairing the temple and for re-establishment of pooja,sevas,festivals and other celebrations. The samithy was registered under the kerala charitable institutions Act. The samithy with the co-operations and assistance of all local persons irrespective of religion is now getting assistance from all sections of the people.
Samithy was able to conduct Naveekarana Kalasa (Mahakumbhabhisheka) in 1992 from April 8 to April 18(1167 Mennam 26 to Medom 5)

Administrative Changes
By the pass of centuries the group strength of the Nattukkoottam got step by step diminished and in their place Ten Eminent Nambudiri family took over the administration of the temple and by the pass of time they quarrel each other and Shapas and Prathishapas arose and resultantly the deva chaithanya from temple got lost. Ultimately all the Nambudiri families are got perished. No nambudiri family left alive in this area now.
Ownership under Trust

It is the Panayil Pazhoor Mana of Manickamangalam village, all most closed to the temple premises have renovated and reconstructed the temple about 400 years back and stared poojas and sevas in the temple. Systematically Devachaithanyam arose in the idol and naturally Panayil Pazhoor Mana become the owner trusty of the temple

About the Samithy

Mainly the samithy has two parts, one is Sevasamithy and other is Bharanasamithy. The Bharanasamithy consist of manager,convenor and two members ,who have the full authority to make administration in inside the Temple and they take charge in the daily affairs of the Temple.Sevasamithy is an executive samithy which has got wide power to regulate the affairs of Bharanasamithy.The Sevasamithy has got 120 Lifetime members, persons who are completed the age of 18 years and belonged to Hindu religion and was residing in Manjapra is also entitled to take a membership in the Sevasamithy. The executive body of sevasamithy consists the following posts, convenor, joint convenor, secretory, joint secretory, treasurer and 6 members. The Members to Sevasamithy are to be elected from the Annual general body of the temple and who holds their office for a period of 3 years. Besides the above samithy there was an Advisory samithy also, it includes 4 persons, they are generally two from the public, one from the trustee of the temple and the Thanthri of the temple.

Mob: 9947761034
Mr. T . P . VENU
Mob: 9961597086
Mob: 9947761034
Mob: 9249924207
Mob: 9496181285

Mob: 9947761034
Mr. T . P VENU
Mob: 9961597086

Mob: 9947761034
Mob: 9249924207

Mob: 9496181285


1  :  Mr. DILEEP KUMAR, Mob : 000000000

2  :  Mr. ANOOP KUMAR, Mob : 9846965226

3  :  Mr. K.R RAJEEV, Mob : 00000000

Renovations completed by the Seva Samithy

The entire structure around the Sreekovil including Sreekovil,Naalambalam,Thirumuttom ,Sopanam ,Pond of the Temple were all reconstructed thoroughly adopting the very style of Tachu sasthra and without allowing to destroy in any way the originality of temple.Pradhakshina Path inside and outside of the temple were all laid down by designed black stone containing artistic engravements connected with the Siva mahathmyam.Collection counter out side the chuttambalam was constructed recently for receiving offerings and the counter was inaugurated on kodiyattu day of the festival 2002 by the temples trustee Bhramasree Ravi Narayanam Nambudiripad of Panayil Pazhoor Mana.

Future Projects

Samithy has so far completed renovation work in various matters involving cash expenditure about 25, 00,000/- in total and now the samithy have programmed to do the following work at the earliest possible.

Rectification involved if any in the Dwaja in consultation with the Thanthri who designed this dwaja and covering the dwaja with gold, this involves an expenditure of about 20lakhs.
Completion of Alangaragopuram ,it involves an expenditure of another Rs.20,00,000
Reconstruction of Valiyambalam strictly adopting the Kerala Vasthu silp but a new style of constructions in R.C.C
Covering of Sreekovil with copper sheets .These two works will cost an estimated expenditure about 20 lakh each

Kallyanamandapam with all modern facilities, which will cost an expenditure of 25 lakhs



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