Karppillikavu Sri Mahadeva Temple
Karppillikkavu Mahadeva
Kshetra seva samithy
Reg.No. ER. 402/91, Manjapra 683581
Tel.: 0484 2690190, 2692488
History of the Temple

The Karppillikkavu Sree Mahadeva Temple is one among the 108 eminent Siva kshethras in India and the specialty of this temple is that siva prathishta have been done giving dharshan to western side. This temple is situated in Manjapra village in Ernakulam District of Kerala.The legend has it that this temple was existing even before 2000 B.C and as such one can see that this temple is one among the oldest temple in India. The prathishta of the Siva is in the Sankalppa of Kirathamoorthy that is Vettakkaran.It is also the legend is that Prathishta has been done by Karthyaveerarjuna.


On 4.30 am Palliyunarthal
On 5.00 am Nirmallyadharshanam,
On 7.00 am Ushapooja
On 7.30 am Ehtrithapooja
On 10.30 am Uchapooja
On 5.30 pm Nadathurackal
On 6.30 pm Deeparadhana
On 7.30 pm Athazhapooja


All the pradhosha are very important days to the temple.Thiruvathira day in Dhanu, Vidhyarambam, Mandala days and Thiruvathira Nakshthram in Makara month is the Aarattu day after 8 days festival. The festival days are very important days in which Siva remains very joyful and to do dharshan at that time and kanickka offering before his lotus feet is very good for Abhishtasidhi and Aiswaryasidhi.Further more the Vishu day,Uthram Nakshathram in Medom month which is the Prathishta day of the temple.Niraputhari and Ramayana masacharanam are the other important occasions and days.The Festival of the Temple conducted in a very grand style with the co-operation.

Prathosha Vrutham
Thiruvathira Oot
Every Month in Thiruvathira Nal
Sankrama Sheeveli
Every Malayalam month end

1000 Kalasabhishekam (Sahasra Kalasabhishekam)
Dressing idol with Sandal
Sreeudhram Dhara)


It is the Panayil Pazhoor Mana of Manickamangalam village, all most closed to the temple premises have renovated and reconstructed the temple about 400 years back and stared poojas and sevas in the temple. Systematically Devachaithanyam arose in the idol and naturally Panayil Pazhoor Mana become the owner trusty of the temple.

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